Content on the Internet is hard to parse through. Most platforms run on the currency of mindless attention and seem to have less and less relevance in my life. I remember the old days when you bookmarked the sites that you wanted to read and cycled through them every week. Or better year use an RSS reader to get the updates you cared about in one central pane of glass. Along those lines, I want to resurrect one of my favorite things about the Internet of yore: the Blogroll. If there’s a site on here that is worth reading periodically or subscribing to, I’ll put it here.


  • Signal vs Noise - The engineering and company blog of Basecamp. They always have great content that’s useful or thought-provoking.
  • Code as Craft - Another engineering blog, this time from Etsy. They have a unique engineering culture and you’ll find a mix of technology and team building advice.


  • Stratechery - Ben Thompson is an independant journalist that does amazing work at the intersection of business, technology, and sometimes culture. Very thought-provoking insights abound.